"Teaching at SVS will always be one of the best things I've ever done and I'm thankful for my time here."
"Apart from the personal fulfillment that came from my SVS experience there is also the fact that it has really helped enhance my CV."
"I wasn't sure I was up for the challenge. As it turned out, it ended up being one of the most interesting and fulfilling experiences of my life so far."
"What struck me was how absolutely eager the students were to learn and acquire the skills that most of us just take for granted."
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SVS School for English

Teaching at SVS

Volunteering with us as an EFL teacher will be one of the most fulfilling things you do in your life.

We know it’s a bold claim to make, but we’ve had the privilege of hosting dozens of volunteer teachers from across the world in the decade since we started; every one of them has found a measure of happiness, teaching English to hundreds of students who truly value the experience and knowledge their teachers bring.
Whether you’re looking to make a life change after years spent in the rat race, or want to gain some life experience after university, whether you’re a nomad of the world looking for your next settlement or just someone who wants to make an honest difference in people’s lives, then come and join the SVS family.
As a volunteer english teacher with SVS School for English, you’ll have the chance to live and travel in the beautiful tropical island that is Sri Lanka. We’re not going to give you the guide book spiel – after all, you can Google it for yourself and see just how wonderful a place Sri Lanka is. What we will tell you is that it’s hard to leave once you get here (in fact, Sebastian & Mark are still here).
Our volunteer teachers receive food and accommodation free of charge, travel to and from the school as well as a small monthly stipend. English teachers live in a large, modern house in the suburbs of Colombo, close to the scenic parliament area, and a stone’s throw from a gorgeous wetland park. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided, as well as other amenities including a laundry service. Volunteer teachers will also have the opportunity to experience the tranquility of Sri Lanka’s up-country region when visiting Maskeliya, where the school’s parent project, the Samanala Valley Foundation is located.
English classes in Colombo run Monday to Friday, beginning at 8.30 AM. Volunteer English teachers work 30 hours a week, teaching three 2-hour classes daily, and are provided with lesson plans and course materials. All english course teachers really need to bring to the classroom is enthusiasm and the zest and passion to be the best for their students.

Your Students

A majority of students join SVS School for English courses in Colombo after finishing their secondary education. Sri Lanka has an extremely high literacy rate, and many students already have some knowledge of English. However, confidence in communicating in English is often an issue with many students, who welcome the opportunity to learn from and converse with native English speakers.
We teach English to students aged 16 and above, many of whom are not able to afford the exorbitant cost of an English education provided by other EFL programs in Sri Lanka. Many students are from rural areas attending university or working in Colombo and they need English to further their prospects. We also have a large student population of Buddhist monks.
Most of our students are Sri Lankan, however, there are students from Korea, Japan, China, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Turkey, the Middle East….the list goes on!
Students are gracious and appreciative, with a keen desire to learn the English language and to pass the English course with good grades. You will be taken aback by their level of respect towards teachers and their fun-loving sense of humour.

Requirements for volunteering

We’re looking for committed, open minded individuals with a passion for helping students develop their written and spoken English language skills, along with the enthusiasm to take in all that Sri Lanka and SVS School for English has to offer through their English Classes in Colombo. To volunteer with SVS School for English, the following requirements must be fulfilled:
Volunteer english teachers will need a visa to enter Sri Lanka, and the school assists in making the necessary arrangements to procure a visa.
It’s simple, really. We’re just a small, family-run English school in Colombo (that’s also a charity), who are trying to do our best for our students. We’re here to ensure that anyone living in Sri Lanka who wants to learn English has a fair and equal opportunity to do so. And in order to fulfill our mission, we need the help and support of like minded individuals to join our team. We need volunteer teachers to join us throughout the year, and accept applications on a rolling basis. So if you’re ready for an adventure, then apply today.

Teachers Blog

Read first-hand accounts of what it’s like to teach at the Samanala Valley School for English and to live and travel in Sri Lanka.
Our blog, written by our volunteer teachers from all around the world, is filled with anecdotes about classroom life, pictures from trips across the island and what it’s like being a temporary citizen of Sri Lanka. Please click on the button below to be taken to our teachers’ blog.

Apply Online

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with SVS School for English. We hope to welcome you to our family soon! To apply, please click the button below and attach your C.V in the specified format.

Include a brief paragraph of no more than 250 words explaining why you’d like to be a part of our team in Sri Lanka.

Once we receive your application, we will be in touch to discuss next steps.